Fue nominada a dos Premios Óscar en 2017 en las categorías de "Mejor película animada" y "Mejor canción original" ("How Far I'll Go / Cuan Lejos Voy"). Author Premiere: "Cineplexx" cinema, shopping center "Delta City", Belgrade - November 19, 2016. The dub was made for a DVD release in Peru, there's no Blu-Ray release. Año During her journey she meets a demigod Maui.The movie was nominated to an Oscar for animated movie and the song "How Far I'll Go". Estudio de doblaje Título original 2016. Ron ClementsJohn Musker Jaime LópezRaúl Aldana Unknown Previous The movie was originally released as “Vaiana: Në kërkim të ishullit mitik” in cinemas back in November. Doblaje Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en TV. Moana's and Maui's parts were copied from the European French dub, except lines where Moana's name was said, where they changed "Vaiana" to "Moana". Ricardo Tejedo Even though Mareva Galanter was said to be both speaking and singing voice of Sina, and recorded the songs, it sounds like she was eventually replaced at the last moment by the singer Méry Lanzafamme, who is credited in Sina's songs.​, Lina Larissa Strahl for Moana - originally chosen for both speaking & singing, later Debby Van Dooren replaced her in the singing parts. The translation and technical teams, vocal coaches and project coordinator worked voluntarily. Septiembre-Octubre de 2016 Unknown Moana: Un mar de aventuras es una película animada de 2016, dirigida por John Musker y Ron Clements (escritores y directores de La sirenita, Aladdín, El planeta del tesoro y La princesa y el sapo) y producida por Walt Disney Animation Studios. Esta versión de los créditos no aparecen en el DVD o Blu-ray, en vez de eso aparecen créditos de doblaje sencillos después de que la película ha finalizado por completo. Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, Jemaine Clement and Oscar Kightley are also original voice of Gramma Tala , Chief Tui's original speaking voice, original voice of Tamatoa and original voice of Fisherman Lasalo respectively. Diseño en Audio "DNA" Versión en español Title: モアナと伝説の海 / Moana and the legendary sea, Mixing studio: The Walt Disney Studios - Burbank, CA. Synchronization studio: SDI Media Italian S.R.L. ): Дзиойты Мæдинæ / Dziojty Mædinæ. Interpretada por: Nando Estevané, Lucy Hernández, Angélica Aragón, Cecilia Toussaint, Sara Paula Gómez Arias y Andrea Rebeca Gómez Arias, Interpretada por: Rubén Albarrán y Opetaia Foa'i, Interpretada por: Angélica Aragón y Sara Paula Gómez Arias, Interpretada por: Sara Paula Gómez Arias, Vai Mahina, Olivia Foa'i, Opetaia Foa'i y Matthew Ineleo, MOANA - Official Trailer ESPAÑOL LATINO -HD- DOBLADO, Moana Un mar de aventuras - Nuevo adelanto (Doblado al español), Rubén Albarrán - Doblaje Latino de Moana Un Mar de Aventuras con Rubén Albarrán, Rubén Albarrán, Opetaia Foa'i - Saber volver (De "Moana"), Sara Paula Gómez Arias - Cuán lejos voy (De "Moana"), El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. Made for: Disney Characters Voices International, Inc. Dubbing director: Сергей Линцов / Sergey Lintsov, Translator: Лилия Королёва / Liliya Korolyova, Dubing director: Теа Пухарић / Tea Puharić, Music director: Срђан Чолић / Srđan Čolić, Translator: Бојана Лукић Јовковић / Bojana Lukić Jovković, Lyrics translator: Биљана Брун / Biljana Brun, Title: Vaiana: Legenda o oceáne / Moana: Legend of the ocean, Title: Vaiana: Iskanje bajeslovnega / Moana: Searching for banners (Litteral Translation), We Know The Way - Fredrik Lycke & Alexander Lycke​, Release date: April 29, 2017 (Place To'ata Premiere)​, Translation team coordinator: Mirose Paia, Technical team coordinator: Maryel Taeaetua-Perez, We Know The Way singers - Warren Teaniniuraitemoana & Heimata Krause, Dialogue director and translator: J. Mathiyazhagan, Title: โมอาน่า ผจญภัยตำนานหมู่เกาะทะเลใต้ / Moana, a legendary adventure in the South Sea Islands, We Know The Way singer - ‘คิง’ พิเชษฐ์ บัวขำ / ​‘King’ Phichet Buakham, Dubbing director: Анна Пащенко / Anna Pashchenko, Music director: Тетяна Піроженко / Tetiana Pirozhenko, Translator and lyricist: Роман Кисельов / Roman Kyselov, We Know The Way singer - Іван Розін / ​Ivan Rozin, Title: Hành Trình Của Moana / Moana's Journey, Creative directors: Tossaporn Roongwitaya. Fecha de grabación Conferencia de prensa con el talento del doblaje de la pelicula de Disney "MOANA". DVDs with the dub were given to school students in French Polynesia. So since the movie was still not dubbed at the time, they had the chance to redeem themselves by changing the character's name (Vaiana) to the original one, in order to not lose the audience. Illustrator Moana México My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Sunset Shimmer's Backstage Pass, شبيرتون العالمية / Shepperton International. Dirección de doblaje Стыр Бузныг та ма Дзиойты Мæдинæйæн æмæ Ладик Денисæн сæ быхсындзинады тыххæй. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Letrista Moana is a Disney animated movie made in 2016. Director creativo The main character is Moana, a Polynesian girl chosen by the ocean to save the world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Estados Unidos Nicole Scherzinger is also the original voice of Sina. La palabra "kakamora" fue traducida como "kokomora", en referencia a la forma de los personajes y posiblemente para evitar su semejanza con otras palabras en español. The main character is Moana, a Polynesian girl chosen by the ocean to save the world. Publication order Jack JacksonPaula KlaggeBeto CastilloLuis Gil Now I have seen the film and I come to know why. Katya Ojeda During her journey she meets a demigod Maui.The movie was nominated to an Oscar for animated movie and the song "How Far I'll Go". Paris' Grand Rex Premiere: November 16, 2016. Jerson Frani Sapida | Jerson Sapida (We Love Disney 2016), Title: Moana: Në Kërkim të Ishullit Mitik / Moana: The Search for the Mythical Island, Auli'i Cravalho - Moana's parts in other songs - English version, Title: موانا / Mawanaan (Moana, wirtten how it would be pronounced in Arabic), Dialogue director : أسماء سمير / Asmaa Samir, Musical adaptation: زينب مبارك / Zainab Mubarak, Musical director: جيهان الناصر / Gihan El-Naser, Dubbing studio: مصرية ميديا / Masreya Media, Mixing studio: شبيرتون العالمية / Shepperton International, We Know The Way singer - عكاشة علي​ / Okasha Ali, Title: Moana: Um Mar de Aventuras / Moana: A Sea of ​​Adventures. Lugar de doblaje In the scene where Maui half-turns into a shark, Anthony improvised and lisped, and the director liked it and it was kept as such in the final recording. Dialogue translator: Else Gunhild Ljøstad, Lyricist and dub director (? Portada oficial del soundtrack en español. Estudio de mezcla Disney Character Voices International, Inc. Doblajes realizados por Disney Characters Voices Latin America, Películas editadas por Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Películas transmitidas por Disney Channel, Películas transmitidas por Warner Channel, Películas y series disponibles en Disney+ Latinoamérica, https://doblaje.fandom.com/es/wiki/Moana:_Un_mar_de_aventuras?oldid=2742938, En marketing por parte de Disney, originalmente tenían planeado poner de protagonista en el doblaje de latinoamérica a una youtuber de Brasil famosa por hacer vídeos de maquillaje y moda; la persona en cuestión ni cantaba, al poner en duda tal elección. She's the daughter of the village chief. Moana Unknown The Walt Disney StudiosBurbank, CA Taller Acústico S.C. We Know The Way singer - Lin-Manuel Miranda - English version, Dubbing director: مهرداد رئيسی / Mehrdad Ra'issi, Recording & Mixing: پیمان پروانه / Peyman Parvaneh, Translator: شهاب رضی پور / Shahab Razipour, We Know The Way singer - مهرداد رئيسی / Mehrdad Ra'issi, Dubbing studio: Darma Producciones, Lima, Perú, Dubbing adjuster: María Becerra Godlewska, Title: Vaiana: Skarb oceanu / Vaiana: Ocean's treasure), Creative supervisor: Magdalena Dziemidowicz, Mixer: Monika Goovey (Shepperton International). Published on Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Esta es la tercera película de Walt Disney Animation Studios donde los créditos de doblaje aparecieron sustituyendo a los créditos del elenco original en inglés. En su transmisión por TNT, los créditos de doblaje son mostrados en simultáneo con los del doblaje portugués de Brasil. Moana: Un mar de aventuras es una película animada de 2016, dirigida por John Musker y Ron Clements (escritores y directores de La sirenita, Aladdín, El planeta del tesoro y La princesa y el sapo) y producida por Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is the last Disney movie Gihan El-Naser directed for the songs, after her leaving following a disagreement with the studio. Estudio de edición Next [HD] Moana 2016 Doblaje España **Girl finds out the true identity of her people. Eran Mor and Mona Mor are married in real life. Andrea Rebeca Gómez Arias (toddler Moana's singing voice) and Sara Paula Gómez Arias (Moana's voice) are sisters in real life. Publisher Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. In the European French soundtrack, for Tala's musical parts, France used for unknown reasons Johanne Garneau, the Canadian French voice of Tala. This is a one liner, but developed into a longer version Except the initial parts, this film is like a limited cast/character film. Raúl Aldana Monika Potokárová, the voice of Moana / Vaiana, died three years after dubbing the movie because of suicide, at 27 years old. Made for: Disney Character Voices International, Inc. We Know The Way singer - Fernando Mendonça, Title: Смелата Ваяна / Smelata Vayana (Courageous Moana), Dubbing studio registration: Audio Postproduction SPR, Montréal Canada, We Know The Way singer - Joseph Hwang | 黃偉年 / Wong Wai-Nin, Title: Vaiana: Potraga za mitskim otokom / (Moana: The search for the mythical island), Title: Odvážná Vaiana: Legenda o konci světa / The Brave Moana: The Legend of the End of the World, We Know The Way (Vi kender vejen) singers - Jakob Sveistrup & Arvid Nielsen, We Know The Way singers - Mikk Dede & Rasmus Erismaa, Title: Vaiana, la Légende du Bout du Monde / Vaiana, the legend of the end of the world, Johanne Garneau (soundtrack: Canadian French), Musical director and lyricist adapter: Pedro Gonçalves, We Know The Way singers - Pekka Kuorikoski & Pasi Piispanen, Title: Vaiana - Das Paradies hat einen Haken / Moana - The Paradise has a catch, Dubbing studio: Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH, We Know The Way singer: Βασίλης Αξιώτης / Vasílis Axiótis, Release date: June 10, 2018 (Ko Olina Resort, Hawaii), Recording studio: Honolulu Community College’s MELE Studio, Translator(s): Puakea Nogelmeier (translating team supervisor), We Know The Way singer - גילן שחף / Gilan Shahaf, Title: मोआना / moaana (Moana, written in Hindi pronounciation), Dialogue director: एलिज़ा लुईस / Eliza Lewis, Vocal director: मैरियन डी'क्रूज़ / ​Marianne D'Cruz Aiman, Dubbing studio: आराधना फिल्म / Aradhana Films, Creative executive: राजेश मिश्रा / Rajesh Mishra, ​मैरियन डी'क्रूज़ / Marianne D'Cruz Aiman, We Know The Way singers - Björn Thorarensen & Þorkell H. Sigfússon, Dubbing director and translator: Fiamma Izzo, Lyricist "You're Welcome": Rocco Pagliarulo. There were a lot of complaints from people about the name, resulting in a considerable lack of ticket sales. ** Okay, I shocked when I heard this film did not get the Oscars nod, except for a song. Only Moana's and Tamatoa's singing were accepted by Disney, other songs were shown in English. Moana: Un mar de aventuras Production for: Disney Character Voices International, Inc. We Know The Way soloist: "Dons" Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis.
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