The 937cc Twin delivered 101 hp and 67 lb-ft of torque to the wheel when we sampled it in our. Or even the 959 Panigale, for that matter. El precio de la Ducati SuperSport será ligeramente más accesible que la Ducati 959 Panigale (17.090 €) y mucho más fácil de conducir y polivalente. Ratios are identical to the Hypermotard, but according to Giuseppe Caprara, Supersport Project Leader, the gears themselves have been strengthened compared to the Hyper to better handle the stress from the quickshifter, which works in both directions and comes standard on the S model. It’s easy to see the relaxed rider triangle here, as I’m in a far less committed riding position than on either of the Panigale models. Optional seats are available that are either 0.98-inch taller, or 0.8-inch shorter than stock. Upright bars that are spaced nicely apart provide just the right amount of leverage to put the bike wherever you want. Really, the Supersport shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as we first posted a leaked photo of the Ducati Supersport back in July of 2016. La información de las cookies se almacena en tu navegador y realiza funciones tales como reconocerte cuando vuelves a nuestra web o ayudar a nuestro equipo a comprender qué secciones de la web encuentras más interesantes y útiles. Recuerda que debes cotejar las medidas, el código de carga y código de velocidad con tu ficha técnica antes de comprar tus neumáticos. The engine is mated to a new steel-trellis frame. Kill times were just a hair too long during upshifts, and clutchless downshifts felt notchy and slightly too slow for track duty. Esto significa que cada vez que visites esta web tendrás que activar o desactivar las cookies de nuevo. Instead, Bologna believes the Supersport and Supersport S fill a gap in the company’s lineup between the Panigale and Multistrada. Make no mistake, it will stop just fine with a hard enough squeeze, but the M432 calipers are akin to a paint gun compared to the air brush of the M50s used on the 1299 Panigale. 2021 Yamaha MT-09 Getting Larger Engine to Meet Euro 5 Standards, Why I’ll Never Ride Without A Motorcycle Airbag Again, 2021 Kawasaki KLX 300 And KLX 300SM First Look, Aerostich Competition Elkskin Roper Glove Review, 2021 Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini First Look, Multi-plate wet clutch with mechanical slipper system & quick-shifter, Power is sourced from the 937cc Testastretta 11º found in the Hypermotard. Encontrá Ducati Supersport 2017 en Mercado Libre Argentina. First, as a bike claiming to be flexible enough for touring, the twin 22-liter saddlebags are part of the optional Touring Pack available from Ducati. Fortunately, it’s adjustable to three different settings (four, including off). I liked it so much it became my default setting for the rest of the ride. Ducati SuperSport S 2018. Ducati supersport s. 9 resultados. Dejar esta cookie activa nos permite mejorar nuestra web. As I mentioned earlier, if you erase the notion that a middleweight has to be a 600cc Four (or 675 Triple), the Supersport satisfies many of the same qualities; it feels roughly as quick as a 600, it feels lighter than its 463 lbs would make you believe, and it’s less demanding both physically and mentally than a liter-class racer. The rider is crouched forward far less, taking pressure away from the wrists and lower back. Menor precio. Además, disfruta del Ducati Safety Pack con la mejor electrónica de la marca (ABS Bosch, control de tracción DTC), una relación calidad-precio reseñable y unos intervalos de mantenimiento más dilatados que nunca. We’ve already covered the technical details of the Supersport after its Intermot unveiling, but here are the key points: Crucially, what makes the Supersport an ideal companion for the street and track is its relatively relaxed ergos. Relación final Cadena; Piñón de ataque 15 dientes; Corona rueda 43 dientes Ordenar publicaciones. Notice the clip-on bars mounted above the top triple clamp. For a little extra wind deflection, the windscreen can extend another two inches by simply pulling it to this raised position. La Ducati Supersport estándar estará disponible con carenado color rojo y gris, bastidor rojo y llantas en negro mate. The simple answer is yes, it absolutely works. Comfort is further illustrated when you reach for the bars, as you’re not splayed out over the fuel tank. A less intimidating mileage cruncher compared to the Multistrada, its smaller dimensions are easier to manage and the 937cc Testastretta V-Twin is lively and athletic, producing just the right amount of power to have fun but not be intimidating – the Goldilocks effect, if you will. Fortunately, the relatively docile Supersport S made this easy to do, as its modest power doesn’t overwhelm the senses, allowing me to spare a few precious brain cells to figure out my lefts from my rights. en V. Atención: Si ha llegado la hora de cambiar los neumáticos de tu moto, ten en cuenta que tanto las medidas como el código de carga y el código de velocidad han de ser compatibles con los de los neumáticos de origen. Diámetro X carrera 94 x 67,5 mm (3,7 x 2,66 pulgadas) Set to level 2 during our initial track outing, the ABS would kick in aggressively, especially while braking for Turn 1, which comes at the end of a very long straight, just as the Supersport touches the rev limiter in top gear. Ducati SuperSport S 2017, precio: 15.390 € , ficha, fotos, vídeo, colores y motos rivales. To accommodate, the 937cc V-Twin received a new crankcase, cylinder heads, generator cover, and external coils. Características de la Ducati Ducati 939 Supersport 2017, datos de potencia y par, medidas, frenos, suspensiones y consumos. Nearly anyone can ride it in the manner that suits them and come away satisfied. La Ducati Supersport 2017 recupera un concepto que tenía abandonado la marca italiana desde hace un tiempo. travel (base)/Fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock; 5.7-in. En caso contrario, tu moto podría incumplir la normativa y podrían sancionarte por ello. Doble silenciador en aluminio, Caja de cambio 6 velocidades 04 oktober 2016; Motornieuws; Na enkele jaren afwezigheid is de naam Supersport weer terug in het gamma van Ducati. Freno trasero Disco 245 mm (9,6 pulgadas), pinza de 2-pistones, ABS de serie If that’s still not enough, a larger screen is also available. The seat itself is broad and fairly well padded once you scoot back a smidge. Ready for anti-theft system. The 320mm rotors and Brembo M432 calipers provide decent braking power, but it could use a little more. If you ask me, Ducati nailed it with the Supersport. Testastretta 11°, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled, Fully adjustable 43mm (1.7 in) usd Marzocchi forks, Fully adjustable 48mm (1.9 in) usd Ohlins forks, Progressive linkage with adjustable Sachs monoshock. No se utilizarán las cookies para recoger información de carácter personal. Puedes informarte más sobre qué cookies estamos utilizando o desactivarlas en los AJUSTES. The bike was shown to attendees of World Ducati Week with a strict no-cameras policy, but unsurprisingly, a “mole” (if you believed this photo was staged) was able to snap a pic and distribute it to the world via social media. The standard models we rode for the street ride were not equipped with the quickshifter, but it wasn’t much of a problem. Se trata de una moto polivalente al estilo Monster, pero con el aire deportivo de las Panigale. In 2015 I wrote a column about how Sportbikes Are Terrible. bóxer, 937 cc | 210 kg | 113 cv | 13.790 € | 2 cil. Mantiene el espíritu deportivo, pero con mayor polivalencia y facilidad de uso. El precio de la Ducati SuperSport será ligeramente más accesible que la Ducati 959 Panigale (17.090 €) y mucho más fácil de conducir y polivalente. Feel at the lever was lacking as well. El motor utilizado por la Ducati Supersport es el bicilíndrico de 937 cc ya conocido en las Hypermotard / Hyperstrada 939, con 113 cv de potencia y un par de 96,7 Nm con el que el conductor puede elegir entre tres modos de conducción (Sport, Touring y Urban) personalizabales. Really, the Supersport shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as we first posted a leaked photo of the Ducati Supersport back in July of 2016. More than just marketing speak, the Supersport really is a light and agile motorcycle, willing to change direction quickly. Because we were able to ride the bike on the track, I can’t help but think the Supersport represents a shift in thinking of what a middleweight bike is. En otras marcas podemos encontrar modelos de este tipo como la BMW R 1200 RS (14.850 €), la Suzuki GSX-S1000F (14.099 €) e incluso la Triumph Tiger Sport (14.250 €). Ducati SuperSport 2018. Todos los detalles sobre la Ducati®️ Supersport S 2017 | PRECIO: 14.790 (Red) / 14.990 (White) € Ficha técnica, fotos, vídeos, ofertas, rivales y opiniones Ficha técnica, información, precio, galería, vídeo, opiniones y rivales de la sport turismo italiana limitable para el carnet A-2 Ducati SuperSport 2017-2018 precio ficha opiniones y … Ducati’s out to prove comfort and sport are not mutually exclusive. El sitio web utiliza cookies propias y de terceros para recopilar información que ayuda a optimizar su visita a sus páginas web. Once you’re sitting on it, the message of comfort also makes itself known. Esta web utiliza cookies para que podamos ofrecerte la mejor experiencia de usuario posible. Rowing through the six cogs is easy enough. Not the other way around. La Ducati Supersport 2017 abre un nuevo segmento en la marca italiana. Both versions get Brembo M432 radial-mount calipers with a Brembo PR18/19 front master cylinder, Both versions get Bosch ABS and eight-level traction control, Can easily hold its own on track or in the canyons, Brakes could use a bit more power and feel. With seats broad and well padded for both pilot and passenger, the Supersport hasn’t forgotten that sport doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort. More impressive was not feeling much of a difference between the Marzocchi/Sachs suspenders on the standard model and the Öhlins bits on the S. This isn’t a knock on Öhlins as much as it is a credit to Marzocchi and Sachs. Even the windscreen is adjustable to two positions for user comfort. As the name would imply, the latter meters out a gentle delivery of power with the first few degrees of throttle turn, while Sport gives the full dose from the off. Perhaps, something as simple as a pad change would go a long way. Without crazy horsepower to manage, liberal amounts of throttle can be applied exiting a corner as the bike is picked up and accelerating on the fat part of the tire. Triumph Street Triple RS, BLOWHARDS! Touring was initially selected for our street ride, as Sport mode on past Ducatis have sometimes been too aggressive for casual riding. All of them, myself included, walked away happy and with a big grin on their face. Speaking of which, buzz from the Supersport does start to make the hands go numb when you’re playing in the upper third of the rev range (common when strafing canyons at a quick clip). The taller option also includes a pillion seat with 10mm thicker padding. Continental electronic fuel injection system, 53 mm Mikuni throttle bodies with full Ride-by-Wire, Tubular steel Trellis frame attached to the chylinders head. KTM lanza la promoción Power Shopping 2020, KYMCO DT X360 2021: Confirmada su llegada a España, Publicado el calendario del FIM CEV Repsol 2021, Rieju debutará en el Dakar 2021 con un ambicioso proyecto, Los paneles luminosos para señalizar banderas serán obligatorios en MotoGP, Prueba Aprilia RS 660 2021: Toma de contacto con la nueva Lightweight italiana, Marco Bezzecchi, ganador del primer Triumph Triple Trophy en Moto2, Marc Márquez presenta su casco para MotoGP 2021, BMW Motorrad presenta su colección 2021 de equipamiento para motorista, Preparada para cambio rápido Ducati Quick Shift, Preparada para Bluetooth Ducati Multimedia System (DMS). The bigger thing to keep in mind here is that, as motorcycles have become more and more specialized, Ducati has set out to create a motorcycle to bring things back to the way they were.
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