Kratos discovered several notes spread around the Underworld, with one seemingly written by his mother. Species/Race He had a golden armlet that was similar to the, Kratos fulfilled his promise to Athena to make the Olympian Gods pay for what they did to his brother in, During the boss fight with Deimos, a completely easy way of quickly beating him without losing any drop of health was to keep repeating Square (slash) +. As time passed, Deimos' hope began to fade, and was replaced with hatred for the brother who had left him to rot. After he undertook a perilous journey that took him across Greece, Kratos finally found Deimos deep in the Temple of Thanatos, suspended from a tree. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sparta Un fatídico día, Ares y Atenea llegaron a Esparta para secuestrar a Deimos, desatando un ejército de centauros para diezmar a la población mientras lo buscaban. For several years, Deimos believed that Kratos would come to his rescue. God of War: Ghost of Sparta promete ofrecer una aventura que los amantes de la saga no olvidarán con facilidad. A Deimos Bonus Costume could be unlocked after the game was completed; however, it could only be obtained by inputting a special code that was included in a limited number of God of War: Ghost of Sparta games or by buying it online within the first week of release. Personajes de God of War: Ghost of Sparta,, Deimos es mencionado por primera vez en uno de los, En la mitología griega, Deimos es también el nombre de uno de los hijos de Ares con la diosa. Also, when in his Psyche, Kratos came across a pool of blood. Il était réputé pour être cruel et tuait tous ceux qui se mettaient en travers de son chemin. Together, the pair followed Thanatos along the cliffs and eventually caught up with him, where Thanatos stated that Ares had chosen poorly, where he should have opted for Kratos instead of Deimos, all those years ago. After he met - and defeated - Callisto in Atlantis, Kratos was compelled to find his brother at any cost. In Greek Mythology, Deimos (Ancient Greek: Δεῖμος, pronounced [dêːmos], meaning "dread") was the personification of terror. After waiting a bit, a pair of interesting dialogues could be heard, when a male voice spoke out and said: Though only his voice was heard in the game, there was concept art that was made of Deimos. Kratos sale a rescatar a su hermano pero cuando se lo libera, Deimos se enfurece que fue tomada en el lugar de Kratos y terminan luchando. Ares llevó a Deimos con Tánatos en los Dominios de la Muerte para que permaneciera allí en su tormento, garantizando que la profecía del marcado nunca ocurriera. The Gauntlet which Deimos wielded bore a striking resemblance to the. Durante años permaneció cautivo en los Dominios de la Muerte, alimentado por el odio hacia el hermano que nunca acudió a rescatarlo. Kratos lunged at Ares to keep him from taking his brother, but Ares struck him down, which scarred him over his right eye. Sin embargo, en una de las ilusiones de las Furias, cuando el. Después de haber encontrado y derrotado a Calisto, en Atlantis, Kratos se vio obligado a buscar a su hermano a cualquier costo. Eduardo del Hoyo Encontraron rápidamente a Deimos en medio del caos y se lo llevaron, mientras se encontraba entrenando con Kratos. Uniendo sus fuerzas, lado a lado, como hermanos, Kratos y Deimos comenzaron su ataque contra Tánatos. Fue secuestrado por Ares durante su infancia para evitar que se cumpliera la profecía sobre la destrucción del Olimpo. The two brothers grew up together under the watchful eye of their mother, Callisto, in Sparta, with dreams of joining the Spartan Army when they were older. No other boss could do that. He was then tortured by Thanatos, God of Death for years in the Domain of Death. God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Liberado de sus cadenas, a excepción de un … He was the son of Ares and Aphrodite. Kratos also made a promise to Athena that the Gods would pay for what they did to his brother and mother. Kratos, barely able to stand, managed to follow them to Suicide Bluffs. Kratos était capitaine dans l'armée spartiate, à la tête de cent soldats. Kratos was then visibly angered by Zeus' statement. In-Game Information Quand ell… Los hermanos espartanos lucharon contra Tánatos juntos, hasta que el Dios se transformó en un monstruo gigante y agarró a Deimos, aplastándolo contra el borde del acantilado, efectivamente matándolo. Los dos hermanos crecieron juntos bajo la atenta mirada de su madre Calisto en Esparta, los dos entrenándose para algún día juntar sus fuerzas en el gran ejército espartano cuando fueran mayores. Athena apologized to Kratos, then disappeared in a cloud of fire as well. A continuación, deposita el cadáver de Deimos en la tumba, declarando que Deimos era libre, Kratos también le hizo una promesa a Atenea, que los Dioses pagarían por lo que le hicieron a su hermano. Appears in Although Kratos was holding back, as seen in the remastered PS3 version, the player got a Trophy that was called "Let Him Win", it was also necessary to consider that during both fights, he endured a lot of punishment and suffering at the hands of Thanatos. The Marked One (False) The Other One Kratos' brother, cowering in fear behind Kratos, as he is about to be taken away. Despite that, he greatly respected and loved his sibling and would always train with him to learn how to fight. Español Sa femme était la seule à braver sa fureur. Deimos was instead interrupted, as Thanatos arrived grabbed Deimos and took him to Suicide Bluffs to throw him off the edge. Kratos lleva el cuerpo sin vida de Deimos a la cima de los acantilados a través de la Senda de la Soledad, donde el Enterrador había preparado una tumba para Deimos. Zeus (father) †Callisto (mother) †Kratos (brother)Lysandra (sister-in-Law) †Cronos (grandfather) †Rhea (grandmother)Gaia (great-grandmother)†Ouranos (great-grandfather)†Hades (uncle)†Poseidon (uncle)†Hera (stepmother/aunt)†Demeter (aunt)Hestia (aunt)Aegaeon (great-Uncle) †Gyges (great-Uncle)†Athena (half-sister)†Hercules (half-brother)†Hephaestus (Half-Brother) †Minos (Half-Brother) †Aphrodite (Sister-in-Law/great aunt)Artemis (Half-Sister)Apollo (Half-Brother)Hermes (Half-Brother) †Megaera (Grandaunt) †Alecto (Grandaunt) †Tisiphone (Grandaunt) †Peirithous (half-brother)†Persephone (half-sister)†Perseus (half-brother)†Ares (half-brother)†Pollux (half-brother)†Calliope (niece) †Faye (sister-in-Law) †Atreus (nephew)Jörmungandr (great-nephew)Fenrir (great-nephew)Hel (great-niece)Sköll and Hati (great-great nephews)Pandora (adoptive niece) † Family Member/s Deimos was born a few years after Kratos, and bore a remarkable birthmark across his body. At the end of God of War III, Gaia confronted Zeus and Kratos and admitted regret in helping him. Freed from his chains, save for a single massive Gauntlet that was locked around his right arm, Deimos wanted revenge against Kratos for not protecting him and quickly assaulted his brother. Due to his unusual birthmark, the Gods feared that Deimos would be the prophesied warrior, so, they devised a plan to abduct him from his family so that the Oracle's prophecy couldn't come to pass. Alias Deimos Deimos final Concept Art was instead used for God of War: Ghost of Sparta instead of God of War III. Kratos, fueled by extreme rage, unleashed Thera's Bane at an unhuman level and defeated Thanatos, avenging his brother's death. Realizando un peligroso viaje, Kratos finalmente encontró a Deimos en lo profundo del Templo de Tánatos, suspendido en un árbol. Realizando un peligroso viaje, Kratos finalmente encontró a Deimos en lo profundo del Templo de Tánatos, suspendido en un árbol. Kratos shouted that no one, not even the gods decide his fate to which Thanatos responded that the gods decide and the Sisters of Fate make it so and that Kratos was nothing but a pawn in a game he didn't even know was being played. Kratos es el protagonista principal de todos los juegos de la saga God of War. Ares compite en la apuesta de los Dioses, un concurso en el que los Dioses eligen a diversos mortales como sus campeones, con el objetivo de conseguir el elixir sanador conocido como Ambrosía. Deimos proved to be an incredibly powerful individual, as he was able to overpower his brother. La Leyenda del Olimpo dice, que el guerrero marcado causará la destrucción del Olimpo. Long ago, the Oracle foretold the destruction of the Olympians at the hands of The Marked Warrior. Kratos carried Deimos' lifeless body to the top of Suicide Bluffs via the Path of Solitude, where the Grave Digger had prepared a grave for Deimos next to that of their mother's grave. They quickly found the young Deimos amidst the chaos and took him while he trained with Kratos, though his brother attempted to stop Ares. Grâce à lui, l'armée spartiate devint la plus redoutée du monde. Thanatos interviene y toma Deimos a Bluffs suicidio, donde Kratos ahorra Deimos caiga a su muerte. He was then tortured by Thanatos, God of Death for years in the Domain of Death. Deimos' birthmark seemed to glow orange instead of red and looked more "corrupted", possibly due to his time spent in the Domain of Death. Debido a su inusual marca de nacimiento, los Dioses temían que Deimos sería el guerrero profetizado; por lo que idearon un plan para secuestrarlo, de modo que la profecía no sucediera. Deimos (Greek: Δείμος) was the younger brother of Kratos. Rushing over to his brother, and barely saving him from certain death, Kratos proclaimed never to leave Deimos again, and gave Deimos the Arms of Sparta. His Roman equivalent was Formido or Metus. Especie Misc. Cuando Kratos estaba ensangrentado y golpeado, Deimos dio su golpe final rompiéndose su guante. Kratos' tattoo was an exact replica of Deimos' birthmark. Deimos nació pocos años después de Kratos. Deimos creía que Kratos vendría en su rescate, pero con el tiempo, su esperanza comenzó a desvanecerse, y empezó a odiar a su hermano, pensando que lo abandonó. He then said that it didn't matter anymore, that nothing Kratos does is of his own choosing. God of War Ghost of Sparta en 3DJuegos: Pues repasando la mitología griega encontré 2 nombre que me atrajeron que fueron los de Cratos (Kratos) y Deimos. Deimos was Kratos' only deceased relative that he did not kill. Ares then attempted to kill Kratos, but Athena quickly told him not to, as they already had who they were looking for. Behind the Scenes Hogar Voiced by Birthplace Dispuesto a seguir con las manos desnudas, Deimos fue interrumpido por Tánatos, quien se lo llevó a los Riscos del Suicidio para dejarlo caer por un borde. Después de haber encontrado y derrotado a Calisto, en Atlantis, Kratos se vio obligado a buscar a su hermano a cualquier costo. Ares brought Deimos to Thanatos in the Domain of Death to remain there in torment, to ensure that the prophecy of "The Marked One" would never occur. Ares elige a Kratos y para obligarlo a competir, el Dios de la Guerra impuso una enfermedad sobre su hija, Kratoss… El marcado However, The Final Battle between Kratos and Thanatos was very similar to a boss fight in the game. Deimos was the name of one of Mars' moons, and Mars was Ares' Roman name. Deimos was the only boss that Kratos could use the Hyperion Charge on. That was not unavenged, however, as Kratos killed Thanatos shortly after. Il avait une soif de sang inexorable. Deimos tendrá algunas ventajas frente a su hermano Kratos ya que tendrá aún más potencia en los combates y recogerá más orbes que su vengativo familiar. Deceased In Ghost of Sparta, the Grave Digger (Zeus), referenced Deimos as "the other one", which indicated that it was Deimos that Gaia should have chosen. Kratos, alimentado por la rabia de la perdida de su hermano, aniquiló a Tánatos. Muerto Kratos and Deimos trained with the traditional spear and shield throughout their childhood, with Kratos teaching the young Deimos to remember that: "a Spartan never lets his back hit the ground.". Doblaje Deimos was more of a personification and an abstraction of the sheer terror that was brought by war and he never appeared as an actual character in any story in Greek Mythology. After he came of age in the Domain of Death, Deimos was fueled by hatred for the brother who had failed to save him from his torment. Elijah Wood. Ares then disappeared in a cloud of fire. Deimos (Greek: Δείμος) was the younger brother of Kratos. Deimos es menos resistente que su hermano, ya que muere con un ataque de Tánatos, que Kratos resiste con relativa facilidad (a no ser que Tánatos haya aplicaba mas fuerza que con Kratos). However, after being separated from his family and enduring physical and psychological torture by Thanatos; Deimos became much more aggressive and warlike, just like his brother. Deimos era un mortal muy poderoso, armado solo con un guantelete oxidado. It was included with God of War III: Remastered. Hijo del dios Zeus y Calisto, una mujer mortal, Kratos nació en Esparta, una ciudad griega que … Esparta non-canon image showing Deimos' demon form in "Birth of the Beast". Kratos tiene un hermano mortal, de la misma madre, llamado Deimos y además es medio hermano del resto de los hijos de Zeús (Hércules, Ares, etc) 0 0 … No obstante, después de salvarlo al ser arrojado por Tánatos, Kratos le hace entrega del escudo y la lanza de Esparta. Liberado de sus cadenas, a excepción de un gran guante cerrado alrededor de su brazo, Deimos quería luchar contra Kratos por no protegerlo y rápidamente atacó a su hermano. The Spartan Brothers charged at Thanatos, and fought the God of Death together, until Thanatos transformed into a gigantic winged monster, grabbed Deimos, and crushed him against the cliff side, which effectively killed him. Current status He was the twin brother of Phobos and the Goddess, Enyo, who accompanied Ares into battle, as well as his father's attendants: Trembling, Fear, Dread and Panic. Deimos appeared as an alternate costume for Kratos in, Deimos, like Kratos, had chains on his forearms; it was possible that they were remains of the shackles that held him, even though they were inside his gauntlets. He then lain Deimos' body into the grave and stated that Deimos was free. Nevertheless, he still held a degree of compassion and care for Kratos despite his initial resentment and what had occurred, as illustrated by their reconciliation and shared goal to stop Thanatos. He was abducted by Ares during his childhood to avert a prophecy about the destruction of Mount Olympus. Es uno de los que han conseguido vencer a Kratos en una pelea. Information Deimos es muy hábil con las Armas de Esparta, ya que las ejercía con gran eficacia en la lucha contra Tánatos. Unlike his brother Kratos, Deimos was far more softhearted and kind. God of War Wiki es una comunidad FANDOM en Juegos. Deimos was also the name of one of Ares' sons, the God of Terror. That could be a reference to Ares capturing Deimos in the series as moons can't orbit beyond their planets. His death was the final straw which lead to Kratos snapping at the gods and vowing to kill them. Semidioses One fateful day, Ares and Athena descended onto Sparta to take Deimos and unleashed an army of Centaurs to decimate the populace while they searched for him. Deimos es el único miembro de la familia de Kratos que no muere a manos de este último. Joining forces, side by side, as brothers, Deimos and Kratos began their attack on Thanatos. God of War Ghost of Sparta Walkthrough Part 33 Deimos. Deimos and Kratos were very much alike in appearance, the only notable differences being that Deimos had a larger beard and was hairier. Mark Deklin (GoS) Bridger Zadina (GoS, young) Elijah Wood (GoW III) Después de una dura batalla, Deimos dejó muy debilitado a Kratos, y procedió a golpear a su hermano, con el guante. Deimos was Callisto's second child, which implies that Zeus had slept with her more than once. After Deimos was rescued by Kratos, and still held initial resentment toward him, he ultimately reconciled with his brother and joined forces with him to battle Thanatos only to be killed by the Death God. Male God of War: Ghost of SpartaGod of War III (voice) Para intentar impedirlo, Kratos se lanzó para atacar a Ares, pero el dios lo hirió, dejándole una cicatriz sobre su ojo derecho. Juntos, la pareja siguió a lo largo de los acantilados y finalmente, se encontraron con el Dios de la Muerte, quien dijo que Ares había elegido mal aquel día, ya que debería haber optado por Kratos en lugar de Deimos. Location Origen Deimos also had a much less gravelly voice. The note claimed that all who got close to her son died, which included his own brother. Después, Tánatos arrojó a Deimos y este logra agarrarse de un borde. Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada. El hermano menor de Kratos, Deimos fue secuestrado por Ares durante su infancia para evitar una profecía sobre la destrucción del Olimpo. Demigod Estado Deimos atacando a Tánatos con las Armas de Esparta. Kratos, apenas capaz de soportarlo, logró perseguirlo hasta los peñascos. Ellos 2 nunca se contaron como olímpicos. Deimos Zeus, preocupado por la profecía, mandó a sus hijos por Deimos creyendo que era él, pero cometió un gran error... era Kratos a quien se debió llevar. Al permanecer por muchos años en el dominio de la muerte, Deimos fue alimentado por el odio hacia el hermano que no pudo salvarlo de su tormento. Zeus claimed that since Kratos had failed her, she: "should have chosen the other one". Sparta (birthplace)Temple of Thanatos (imprisoned) El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. He was abducted by Ares during his childhood to avert a prophecy about the destruction of Mount Olympus. Corriendo hacia su hermano, Kratos logra salvar a Deimos de una muerte segura, diciéndole que nunca lo volvería a abandonar, y dio a Deimos las Armas de Esparta. Personaje original Hace mucho tiempo, un oráculo predijo que la destrucción de los Olímpicos, la traería un guerrero marcado. Locked in combat, Deimos and Thanatos never saw Kratos arrive, Thanatos managed to nearly throw Deimos off the cliff until Kratos raced to his aid. Even though Deimos was younger than Kratos, he looked older than his brother because Kratos hadn't visibly aged since he became a God, and Deimos had a beard compared with Kratos' smaller goatee. Deimos es el hermano menor de Kratos. Elijah Wood was the voice of Deimos that was heard in the pool of blood. Gender Y se llama Deimos.Sí, no me he vuelto loco; Sony quiere promocionar God of War: Ghost of Sparta regalando un Skin para God of War 3, siendo dicho Skin el hermano perdido de Kratos, al que ya se hizo mención en uno de los finales alternativos del primer God of War. Kratos y Deimos se dispusieron a luchar contra Thanatos, Thanatos mata Deimos y luego es destruido por Kratos. Inglés Alias/es
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