John tried to comfort Gary, joking that if his soul is going to hell, it's gonna meet Gary's nipple right there, before the two discussed personal relationship problems. At one point, time stopped Manny, who asked John if he really knew what he was doing. There was also a strange symbol on his body, so the team decided to check the grave of the deceased. The lady is Jeanie Hill who recruited them to shield her from her beau Benjamin Siegel who is resurrected. Remembering his promise to his friend, Jasper Winters, John left the hospital and went to the United States. It's Charlie, however Constantine is troubled to see her. Then this one was interrupted, and the mysterious magician was surprised that someone was taking advantage of one of his victims. [11] John once put Beebo under a spell that made the toy sentient. After a while, Corrigan himself arrived, arresting Constantine, suspecting him of being involved in the accident. They decided to prepare for the trip by taking with them many useful things, including the tendon from the Achilles heel. Daryl and his wife checked the room to prove to him that he was safe, then returned to each other. All of them returned safely, with Sara restored to life. The exorcist knew he could not stand up to its power and pleaded with Manny for help, who could not interfere with the events. Later that night John decided to investigate the case alone and went to the cemetery described by Lily. He cried out in fear, and as his parents ran into the room, he showed calm, informing them that everything would be fine from now on. General Information It was then that Pazuzu woke up in the man who had torn the prisoners to pieces. When Manny finally showed up and found out about the Enochai-speaking preacher, he gave John a little hint, bending the rules of the Most High, then disappeared. Thus, Simspon showed the girl how to get out of this world. He immediately went to the house where the girl was probably being held. [11], By late February 2016, John somehow found his way to Hell,[19] presumably to fulfill his promise of saving Astra Logue. The character is based on the DC Comics character of the same name, created by Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Veitch and John Totleben and was adapted for television in 2014 by Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer. John tends to be a pessimistic realist as when Oliver thanked him for bringing Sara back he simply told Oliver he owed him only for Oliver to rebuttal that instead of that, they should always have each other's back when the need is, not as business acquaintances, but as friends. So, Jeanie begins her vehicle and it detonates. They were surprised by the fact that at this stage of possession, holy water did not affect existence. Constantine ist ein stets Trenchcoat tragender Magier. [5], Constantine attempts to use time travel to change history to save the life of Desmond, a former lover who sacrificed himself to save Constantine from the demon Neron, but when this creates increasingly twisted timelines, Constantine accepts the need to restore the original timeline and comes clean to the rest of the team about his issue with Neron. Arrowverse Wiki. He would be instrumental in figuring out the mystery of the Salem witch trials aberration, noting that the spells used on villagers needed to have a vocal component in them, and if the mother could not cast them, then it must have been the work of her daughter, Prudence. In the morning, John and Chas went to the place from the vision, where they learned about the death of the driver who had asked about Philip Carlberg's hitchhiker before his death. Eine chronologische Übersicht aller Episoden, in denen John Constantine einen Auftritt hatte. As Zed moved away from the men, Constantine asked Chas to check her out, as she is smart but still doesn't trust her. After shaking off and returning to teaching, the professor stopped using the dictaphone during his lectures and spoke himself - he taught based on what he had experienced. Apparently, Beebo told him things that "will make your toes curl". Gary explained why he came to Atlanta to stay with Constantine. After informing his friends what they were struggling with, Constantine reassured Hugo that his descendants might be alive, as Lamashtu tends to slowly absorb the vital energy of babies. As expected, Papa Midnite himself attacked him shortly after, successfully hitting him with the As Winchester's bullet. Constantine has been continually portrayed by Matt Ryan. He has a slightly different cadence sometimes. While helping the Legends return the Encores to Hell, John nearly had his life cut short by a grown-up Astra, who sped up the 10 years of lung cancer he would accumulate. As John returned to the tent, he noticed a man healed by a preacher attacking Zed. [18], In late 2015, John received a call from his old friend Oliver Queen asking him to come to Star City to help him restore the soul of his friend Sara Lance which he accepted. He made the most of it by forcing Gary to carry his magical gear and take care of talking to people annoying him on-job. As if that were not enough, Martin had an unknown seizure and she had to go to a hospital bed. John decided it would be good to meet the victims' relatives, as they might know something. Several dozen minutes later, after the fire brigade arrived, John had the opportunity to quietly talk to Renee. He needed each of them until one of the full moons, thus making sacrifices to renew the new cycle. At 5'11", Constantine is the shortest male. As the condition of the exorcist was not the best, they decided to move him to the mill. John Constantine formed a team in order to help stop the Rising Darkness and associated paranormal threats. Although he didn't trust Zed at first, her specific skills and a talent for clairvoyance magic made her an asset to John. John eventually found what he sought and retrieved it but set off a trap which Oliver saves him from being killed by, insisting he's not one of Reiter's men. Immediately after that, they returned to the hospital to return with Chas to meet Faust. Faust did not. John traveled to Lian Yu to retrieve an ancient spell book called the Orb of Horus, however he was caught by Baron Reiter's men and interrogated. The Coblynau-turned Lannis appeared out of the ground and dragged his wife under it together with him.[1]. After Manny disappeared, John decided to return with Martin to the mill, where the exorcist noticed a sloppy break-in. This time he did not stop time, but knelt in front of the bed and stared at the suffering man. Thus Constantine realized that they had made a mistake, because Imogen is not an angel of Heaven at all, but of Hell. John wasn't able to banish the Fairy Godmother, as her spellcasting was much quicker, allowing her to overpower the Legends. They spend the night together and, despite John's aversion to any emotional attachment to others and in spite of himself, he fell in love. They broke into the morgue, where an exorcist, using the hand of glory, temporarily resurrected the dead body of a deceased friend, who gave Constantine the last of his strength, saying that a vinyl voice had done so to him, and mentioned "Moonrise." In Hell, Constantine meets with Astra, facing her about the spirits she discharged. [33], As a result, Constantine, Diggle and Mia visited Earth-666 to ask Lucifer Morningstar's help in a last-ditch attempt to retrieve Oliver's soul from purgatory. John Constantine is a bisexual character from the Arrowverse. This angered Daryl, who stunned Constantine. Because of this act, the apartment began to collapse, which forced Ritchie and John to flee. When the detective was found, John explained that in order for everything to succeed, loved ones must forgive the dead and come to terms with their death. John also warned Oliver about Reiter, insisting his narcotics aren't his only interest for being on the island. Ryan also noted that while the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow mentions the Astra storyline from the NBC series, it would not explore the Brujeria storyline, though Constantine "still carries that baggage around with him". This made Constantine understand that the monster they were confronting wanted the Lopez blood. He thought the map was out of order and burned it, then told about a patient who was rushed to the hospital, who was suspected of having an overdose. John, however, decided to summon a more powerful demon named Nergal and extort him into dragging the lesser demon back to Hell, but unfortunately, Nergal was able to seize Astra and violently pulled her into Hell in front of everyone, damning her for eternity. The latter revealed that she did not like wine and headed towards the elevator. Everything indicated that she had a tumor at the temporal lobe that could trigger her visions. He admitted that it's not like he can't help him - he just won't do it now. Due to the number of people who have died around him John prefers to work alone and anyone he does work with, he avoids attachment so he won't be as hurt if they get killed. Fennel performed a ritual which allowed Geraldine, to speak through his mouth. Following that, the two realized that their next stop should be the old Moonrise Records where Bernie used to work. John Constantine On the night before school, on the wake of the student's death, Ritchie and John met Lily from whom they learned about what the four had been doing a few days ago. Turns out Charlie broke the Loom of Fate and dissipated the pieces over the Multiverse. He also has a strong capability for regret and remorse, as he was so overwhelmed with guilt after Astra was damned to Hell that he placed himself in Ravenscar Psychiatric Facility for the Mentally Deranged and seems to express some kindness to those who suffered because of him, as he was shown to be trying considerably to make amends with Anne Marie Flynn when they reunited as he knew of the pain he inflicted on her and the anger she felt for him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After these events, Martin went to the church, where John found her. After years of learning, John became a skilled magician and legend among other users. John was resting in the mill, talking to Gary Lester's reflection in the magic mirror. The exorcist quickly took the artifact from his friend and tried not to comment on the whole incident, finding the item he had been looking for. He said the two were the same character with "the same DNA", and likened each appearance to that of different comic book writers and artists working with the character: "He has the same outline, but he looks different. Sometimes later, five months after his last meeting with the Legends, he approached Sara, informing her that the danger was still there and the release of Mallus has accelerated the Rising Darkness. John Constantine ist ein Exorzist, Dämonologist und Meister der dunklen Künste. The two got in a fight, John saying that Sara should not pursue love and long-lasting relationships, as the people of their craft are cursed to hurt their loved ones, while Sara stated that it was John's own character that made him hurt and leave behind the people he loved, and in fact the loved ones made the heroes stronger for their connection. [28] Regarding Constantine's inclusion on the show, Klemmer stated that "an alienated, chain-smoking, bisexual, world-weary demonologist would feel right at home among our Legends". At first, John suspected the local disenfranchised preacher to be the one who enchanted the Coblynau to do dark deeds, but later investigation along with Zed convinced him that the man was innocent. --John Constantine (Arrowverse) Papa Midnite! In flashbacks, Oliver Queen meets Constantine during his fourth year away from Star City when he assists Constantine in retrieving a magical artifact from Lian Yu.
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